Swim Better with Hypnotherapy



Do you feel that after all that training, all the early morning swims, hours spent perfecting your strokes and technique that you are not getting the results you deserve?


Do you recognise these thoughts?


* You worry too much about your competitors?

* Your times in training are not matched by your competition times?

* You feel that your technique is great but you lose to less gifted swimmers?

* Sometimes you become so nervous you don’t even want to enter the water?

* You are even developing a dread of competition?

* Something is stopping you from reaching the next level?

* You are easily distracted


Each and every one of your competitors has trained and practiced just as hard as you have. They are fit, have terrific stamina and good technique…that’s why they are there in the lane next to you. So, what can you do to make a difference?


Add a Mental Approach to your Swimming


A course of Sports Hypnotherapy will change the way you perform


  • Overcome limiting beliefs that may be holding you back!
  • Improve self-belief…believe that you can!
  • Eliminate competition nerves!
  • Ignore distractions!
  • Improve your performance with no extra physical training!
  • Be more confident in your ability!
  • Learn to focus on the finish!
  • Remain relaxed throughout the swim!


You will become stronger in competition, smoother through the water and focussed on winning. You will be able to access the illusive “zone” through mental control.


If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t you are right!