Client Feedback

A selection of communications from my clients.


Hi Ronnie,

Hope you're well. I played a tennis match this weekend and already my backhand was so much better so I think the visualisation I've been doing has really helped.

I am back from my holiday on the 4th so whenever is a good time for you I can come and have another session. 

Have a great Christmas.


Hi Ronnie, Just thought I would update you on how I am getting on with my golf.

Firstly, I am again driving the ball off the tee as well as I have ever done. This started after our first session and I put it down to being more relaxed and not really thinking about anything apart from a relaxed swing and relaxing my shoulders. When I remember to do it, the breathing exercises work perfectly, but I don’t always remember and then , as you suggested, I start to rush things.

Interestingly, I have just returned from the practice ground and using the visualisation and the “target” I was able to simply swing the club and the ball sailed majestically into the air time after time. That is all I did and there were no negative thoughts in my head (if that makes sense)?

One big improvement is that I am coming off the golf course feeling much better regardless of my score!

Looking forward to Friday and what else you have up your sleeve for me.


Sorry I have not emailed you but I have not had any meetings for three weeks due to rain yesterday I had a meeting yesterday and it went quite well I scored 7 and finished with a win so all is good I have been watching what I have been eating and all is going well been doing a lot of exercise as well. I am feeling so much better now.

Thanks for everything you have done.



Just letting you know how I got on in my last tournament of the season. It was an U16 tournament and therefore tough opposition, however, I used some of the techniques well and ended up winning (I had one walkover which is an instant winning which was disappointing). I used a variety of shots, kept it in better and felt more confident although I struggle to remember to use all the techniques. Overall I was pleased with how it went. I am now training hard for next season.

Thank you.






Been doing lots of shooting and everything has been going really well and have had some brilliant results.
Didn't no if you had any time late tomorrow afternoon (Monday 21st) or early Wednesday morning? (23rd) 



On Thursday morning I head of to the US. In terms of future sessions for now I feel like I have started gaining confidence again in my tennis and my recent results have been positive. Therefore if it's okay with you I will contact you when I need some time to go over things perhaps if I lose confidence again or just need to keep my mental game strong.


Many thanks for all your help,



"After many years of anguish after my parents taking a divorce, I found it hard to find peace where ever I was. After visiting Ronnie Hall, I was able to discuss these issues, and after a very comfortable and relaxing session with him, found that I am now able to discover inner peace at times of need.


I would recommend visiting Ronnie for any problems which you may have, and feel that those matters would best be discussed with someone."



Hi Ronnie,

thought i'd give you an update on how things are going. Very well indeed, only done a couple of shows ,but couldn't be more pleased with results and how I'm riding and the horses are going. I've got a couple of shows then I'm off to Vegas to watch the world finals, then I'll be back for a refresher. 

Hope all's well with you , thanks for your help




Good Morning Ronnie

Thought I would just let you know how the Golf went on Saturday.  It went really well on the front nine holes but it was so cold I could hardly grip the club towards the end of the round so the score didn`t really reflect how relaxed I felt during the game.  I took your advice and played with the mindset of not being to concerned about winning or how my  partners were playing, just relax, enjoy the day and accept whatever the outcome was.


 I focused on the visualisation and breathing techniques. I think they will prove to be of great benefit seem to stop me thinking to much about the actual swing.


The putting went well again visualising the ball going in and out of the hole and the thought I was just demonstrating the shot really helps.


Well thanks again for all your help I`m sure my golf from now on will be a much more enjoyable experience.


 Many thanks also for your help with the other issues which have troubled me for what seems most of my life.  I certainly feel I am gaining more and more confidence everyday and wonder what your thoughts would be on whether or not a further session concentrating purely on this aspect would be beneficial.  


Once again many thanks






Hi Ronnie,


Just a quick email to say thank you!


I took (my horse) to the competition on Sunday and although due to illness we ended up doing a training day instead of a competition as there just  wasn't enough people to justify it.  Nevertheless, we went round really well.  I jumped the jump without even thinking about it and when I landed I actually realised I had enjoyed it and during the extended practice, went back and jumped it again in the other direction just for fun!  Horse was far more responsive and jumped really confidently as he could feel that I was happy. He interestingly didnt muck about either as I think I was so relaxed my "competition fever" wasn't rubbing off on him, so I was very pleased about that too.

I was very relaxed at the comp which was really nice, but  I think to put the icing on the cake, I would like to work at being calmer still with yet more focus on getting it right.


I cant thank you enough and I appreciate your help more than you can imagine.


See you Friday at 6


Best wishes.



Hi Ronnie hope you are keeping well.


As its been a while since I came to see you I thought its about time I let you know how things have progressed. I still regularly practice the visualisation and breathing techniques we went through and they are really benefiting my game (and other aspects of life). I feel much more relaxed on the course now and not trying to win all the time and not worrying to much about the outcome has improved my enjoyment tremendously.  My putting is now much better and a lot of the fear on the greens has disappeared.   


Once again thanks for all your help.






"I went to Ronnie Hall after many years of seeking help from the National Health Service regarding an unknown urinary complaint. I was quite sceptical to begin with, especially as the medical people seemed unable to help, but after two hypnotherapy sessions my symptoms have not returned and I feel better equipped to deal with them if they do.


Ronnie has a very relaxing and reassuring manner which puts you at ease. I would certainly recommend him if you were having similar problems."







"Hi Ronnie,

Hope you are well. I am sorry that I haven't been back in touch, but as you know we are busy with the summer tournies!


However, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing work with R******. He is now serving like Federer (well nearly) and is so relaxed on court that the other mums are mentioning the difference in his attitude.


If he needs any help in the future, I will certainly bring him back to you!

Thanks again for your help."



Hello again Ronnie,


 I am really really sorry that I haven't been in touch, but I just want to thank you so much for helping me to stop smoking. The best thing I cansay is "I am a non smoker and I feel wonderful!" Wonder where I learned that? No probs at all, I am clean and I am not going back. Thanks again, Mike

Hello Ronnie,

Thanks for recent email. I am doing very well thanks and you were right, I don't even think about smoking at all. You were also so correct about feeling smug every time I say no thanks I don't smoke!

Please do add my name to your testimonial page.




Good morning Ronnie, as you know we are moving away and before we go I wanted to thank you so much for helping…….She hasn’t smoked at all since you treated her and we are both so very grateful. Despite being a Christmas present for her, I can truly say that her giving up smoking was a Christmas present to me too. Thank you again…..


Ronnie, I am pleased to say that yesterday in the u15 silver tournament I won gold in my singles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first singles gold!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for helping me .


Hi Ronnie,


I told myself to email you the other day but I completely forgot, I have been very busy with tennis and school. 

Things are going well, we have played two matches and we have a third tomorrow. I am playing at number 2/3 which is where I wanted so I am happy. My first match was against a D1 school and I played number 3 and it was the best tennis I have played in a long time and lost 7-6 7-5 but I was really happy with everything. My backhand was going really well and I felt confident

Hope you are well,




Hi Ronnie, Thanks for latest message, I am sorry I haven’t been in touch, but I don’t even think about smoking, so I an sorry I haven’t been in touch to thank you.


Ronnie, yesterday it all came together and I played as good as I ever have. All the visualisation and your tips paid off and I am absolutely over the moon (as they say). The putts are dropping now as well, so thank you very much. I will be in touch soon fro a couple more appointments.

Best wishes



The golf went well when I played on Tuesday.

Again, when I am not thinking about how to swing, I swing better and easier. I have been doing the visualisation and am now a believer! Thanks Ronnie, see you next week.


Hi Ronnie, I had to write and include this scoresheet! This is the biggest tournament at our club and is usually dominated by the big guns. I came second! I can hardly put into words how brilliant this is for me. I am bubbling and full of confidence and played without that fear. I read my slogan as often as I could and played in such a relaxed way that when the scores were announced I could hardly believe it was me.

Thank you for all your help