Hypnotherapy to Improve Sports Performance

Competitive athletes all share one goal… to be the best that they can be!

Regardless of your chosen sport or discipline, you possess a desire to constantly improve. It is now widely recognised that to be successful in sport, on-the-field physical training needs to be supported by off-the-field mental development.


You will have a memory of having been momentarily inspired. Imagine it now... one wonderful moment in time when you didn’t need to think about what was happening… you needed no effort to achieve your desired outcome… your confidence was so high that the result became inevitable.


It might have been that satisfying ‘click’ when your golf club made perfect contact with the ball, a serve in tennis that flew from the centre of the racket, that moment in the home straight when you suddenly found yourself empowered by a seemingly outside force to ease past the leader…

You were “in-the-zone”

Imagine what it would be like to repeat that level of performance on demand. What’s stopping you?  If your mind and body combined to achieve that level of performance once; surely you can do it again?


We already know that you want to improve (or change) something about your sports performance or exercise regime, that’s why you have visited this part of my site. So here is a brief explanation of how Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coupled with Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goal.


At this point I would like to congratulate you for seeking a new way to improve beyond more practice and more training, and for taking part in your first NLP experience.


Above, I asked you to imagine a time when you were ‘in the zone’. Hopefully you did that and, as a result, while you relived that experience, you were uplifted by the memory. That’s exactly what Neuro Linguistic Programming does. It is a method for modelling excellence so that it can be duplicated. NLP is a collection of techniques which bring about self-development and change, in sport as in life itself.


Think this simple sentence through:

If you do what you are doing, then you will get what you’ve got.


If you are looking for change, continuing your current regime will not bring about that change. You must do something else.


So how could hypnosis play a part? 

“It’s all in the mind!”


How many times have we heard sports commentators repeat these words?

“Tennis…it’s all in the mind!”

“Golf…it’s all in the mind!”

“Snooker…it’s all in the mind!”


They can’t all be wrong can they!  But if ‘it’ is in the mind how do we access 'it' again in the future. The mind being referred to is the subconscious. All the elements that we need to live and survive are stored in the subconscious mind; vision, hearing, touch and feeling, smell, taste, our experiences our memories and everything we have ever learned is stored there to be called on as and when we need them.



Hypnotherapy, NLP and Sport


Hypnotherapy is a process of inducing a client into a state of deep relaxation, in order to access the subconscious. By introducing methods of imagery and suggestion, a client can anchor positive outcomes, and eliminate negative ones. The hypnotherapist will use metaphor and visualisation to apply positive reinforcement to open your mind to fresh horizons.


Briefly, here’s how it works:


As we journey through life we constantly feed information into our subconscious mind. This information is stored until we might need it, when it is delivered instantaneously into our conscious mind.


Think back to your first driving lesson. Your instructor asks you to; sit comfortably, apply your seat belt, start the engine, activate the clutch, select first gear, check your mirrors, slowly depress the clutch to engage gear whilst applying accelerator, signal and pull away.

It was all so difficult to remember every command and reaction.


But now you do it automatically without thinking!


Your subconscious mind does all of this for you, because you have fed that set of instructions there, and when you need it, there it is, ready to be used!


You build good habits…Hypnotherapy can enhance them.


You build bad habits…Hypnotherapy can eliminate them.


This is true with sport as with anything else.



Here’s how I can help you to improve your performance: -


1. A FREE ½ hour consultation, to establish your presenting problem.

2. Mental imagery and future performance rehearsal

3. Hypnotic suggestion and NLP programme

4. An introduction to self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques

5. Reinforcing self-belief, motivation and positive thinking

6. How to mentally prepare for an event


My Fees




This is a fun session that includes an introduction to visualisation

Further sessions cost £50.00 per hour.

A discount is offered if you book and pay for the five session course

Under 18s and full time students half price

Group sessions for sports teams are offered at £95.00 with a maximum 12 participants attending



For an appointment to improve your sporting performance using Hypnotherapy and NLP call me now on

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